Volume 1, Number 1

August 2004 

This is the first ezine (E-Magazine, an email message in HTML form) of hopefully many by Devvie and Jeff Kent concerning the CSIT classes they teach at Los Angeles Valley College. You are receiving this ezine because you have been a student in one or more of Devvie or Jeff's classes. We hope this and following ezines will be of interest to you, but if you want to stop receiving it, or change the email address to which it is sent, just email Jeff.

The Fall 2004 Semester starts in less than 2 weeks. Devvie and Jeff's website, is being updated for the new semester, but already lists the classes they teach, as does the college's online CSIT schedule.

Jeff is teaching a brand new class, CSIT 870, Windows and Web Database Programming. The prerequisites are either CSIT 808 (Introduction to Visual Basic) or CSIT 895 (Programming in C#), or you can challenge the prerequisite if you believe you have the prerequisite knowledge from other education or experience. Given these prerequisites, the class will be taught in both Visual Basic .NET and C#, though the student need only know one of the languages. As the course name indicates, you will learn how to write database programs in both Windows and Web applications. The database will be MSDE (Microsoft Database Engine), a free version of SQL Server. Even if you have had CSIT 809 (Advanced Visual Basic), there is much new you will learn from this course. If you have further questions, email Jeff.

Devvie is teaching CSIT 895, so if you don't feel you are ready yet for CSIT 870, this would be a good course to take. If you have further questions, email Devvie.

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