Volume 1, Number 2

August 2004 

This is the second ezine (E-Magazine, an email message in HTML form) by Devvie and Jeff Kent. You are receiving this ezine because you have been a student in one or more of Devvie or Jeff's classes or otherwise connected with the CSIT program at Los Angeles Valley College.

We were able to get away to South Lake Tahoe for several days before the start of the Fall 2004 semester. We did a lot of hiking, and even kayaking. We may put some pictures up on the website soon. We also learned how to play craps (the casino was happy to teach us). Being computer science teachers, our dinner conversation was how to write a computer program that would play craps. Maybe you will get to write that program as one of your assignments :)

Jeff's computer is almost as old as he is (not really) so is being replaced (fortunately for Jeff he isn't ... yet anyway). Jeff waited for the new PCI Express chipset, which is reviewed in this Tom's Hardware article. This chipset is the first major change in the Intel motherboards in a few years. The Tom's Hardware article explains the advantages of the new motherboards and chipsets. One disadvantage is expense. Another is the new processors generate a lot of heat; if our house goes up in a puff of smoke you'll know why. Anyway, Jeff should receive the computer in the next couple of weeks, so there will be more on the PCI Express chipset in coming ezines as he puts the new computer through its paces.

Devvie and Jeff's website will be moving within a few weeks to a new VDS. Don't worry, this is not a disease. VDS = Virtual Domain Server. The URL will remain the same easy to spell http://www.genghiskhent.com. However, the website will have increased functionality. More on this also in coming ezines.

That's it for now. The Fall 2004 Semester starts in a few days, so we're getting ready. You should too. That includes enrolling now rather than waiting until after the semester starts. Devvie and Jeff's website lists the classes they teach, as of course also does the college's online CSIT schedule. As mentioned in the first ezine, Jeff's classes include a brand new one, CSIT 870, Windows and Web Database Programming, as well as an online course, CSIT 836, Introduction to Data Structures. Devvie's classes also include an online course, CSIT 895, Programming in C#. Questions? Email Jeff or email Devvie.

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