Volume 1, Number 3

January 2005 

Happy New Year! While you party animals were celebrating, I (Jeff Kent), as a founding member of the "I Have No Life Club", was re-doing the Genghis Khent website. Check it out, and then feel free to exercise your First Amendment right of Free Speech and email Jeff with your kudos, compliments and plaudits (which really are deserved by the two students mentioned on the website who helped him). Criticisms can be directed to blackhole@genghiskhent.com.

For those of you who have not received this ezine (E-Magazine, an email message in HTML form) before, this is the third ezine by Devvie and Jeff Kent concerning the CSIT classes they teach at Los Angeles Valley College. You are receiving this ezine because you either have been a student in one or more of Devvie or Jeff's classes or are someone connected with the college who floods us with emails (so we are returning the favor). We hope this and following ezines will be of interest to you, but if you want to stop receiving it, or change the email address to which it is sent, just email Jeff.

While the Fall 2004 Semester just ended, the Spring 2005 semester starts in a few weeks, and registration already has started. Devvie and Jeff's website already has been updated for the new semester, listing the classes they will teach, as does the college's online CSIT schedule.

While the website has a prettier face, it still contains a lot of useful information such as how to access your class' online website on ETUDES, FAQs about online classes (we each are teaching one), and why you would want to take Jeff rather than Devvie as your teacher (e.g., masochism, not being distracted by an attractive teacher, Devvie's class was already full, etc.).

There hasn't been much time since we finished grading only a week or so ago. I just finished with the updates to the website and with configuring the old computer I am going to use to run betas of Visual Studio.NET 2005, on which I will be writing two books for Osborne McGraw/Hill, Visual Basic .NET 2005 Demystified and Visual C# 2005 Demystified. These books should be finished by about August 2005 (so I guess I better get started writing them).

This is a relatively short ezine, really just to let you know about the new look for the website and to say hello. However, there will be more ezines to come. In the meantime, if you have questions about the classes we are teaching during the Spring 2005 semester, email Jeff or email Devvie.

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