Volume 1, Number 4

January 2005 

I promised to add some fun stuff to the Genghis Khent website, so I added a page, with lots of pictures, of our Italian Greyhounds Dante and Micaela. Just click the link to Dogs. Based on initial reaction, these dogs will be getting their own TV show next Fall. I hope so, since they have cost me a fortune, so maybe I can get some of my money back.

Not as interesting, but I added a page on my books (yup, the link is Books) and added a couple of pictures of Devvie and me to my bio (she doesn't like the pictures, but tough).

On a more ominous note, the Spring 2005 semester is about to start. If you haven't signed up yet, better do so soon. When you add late, you are playing catch up, and also the college is getting tougher on the deadline for adding classes.

I have activated my classes on ETUDES, and Devvie will do so shortly. Remember, the Genghis Khent website has a lot of useful information such as how to access your class' online website on ETUDES.

If you have any other questions about the classes we are teaching during the Spring 2005 semester, email Jeff or email Devvie.

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