Volume 2, Number 1

August 2005 

During this summer, happiness has been Valley College in my rear view mirror. Unfortunately, as with the rear view mirror in the movie Jurassic Park, objects may be closer than they appear. The Fall 2005 semester is only a few weeks away.

I've updated the Devvie and Jeff's Classes pages with our Fall class information. Classes are filling up fast -- this may be a reflection of the big improvement in employment in the IT job sector -- so enroll sooner than later.

Like last year, we were able to get away to South Lake Tahoe for several days. Sunday was a long drive. On Monday, we went up to Heavenly Valley, a major ski area, though not in August. First stop was the Heavenly Valley Observation Point, a picture taker's paradise.

Beauty and the Beast at the Heavenly Valley Observation Point

More pictures from the Heavenly Valley Observation Point:

Looking Northwest over Zephyr Cove
Looking West towards the Desolation Wilderness

We then got to the top of Heavenly Valley and had to choose which hike to take. Our first (of many) bad ideas; what part of Hellwinkels and "most difficult" don't you understand?

We then did two hikes in the Desolation Wilderness. Here are pictures from our long hike on Tuesday between Upper Echo Lake and Aloha Lake.

Upper Echo Lake High Sierras
Devvie @ Aloha Lake Jeff @ Aloha Lake

Tired from death marches up steep rocky trails in 80+ degree heat, on Wednesday we took a motorboat around the lake. Going overboard is the safest option when the captain looks like this:

Having recovered (somewhat), on Thursday we took a beautiful hike up to Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake Eagle Lake ducks looking for handouts

I don't want to ruin the beautiful scenery with pictures of me, so here are some of Devvie:

Devvie above Eagle Falls Tired Devvie

Having not run out of energy (or stupidity), we then hiked down to Emerald Bay, not realizing whatever goes down must later come back up.

Emerald Bay In the bay

Since Caesar's Palace mistakenly thought we were high rollers, we got a room on the top floor overlooking the lake.

Unfortunately for the hotel, we are "low rollers", so on Friday, being too tired to do anything but gamble, we lost only a few dollars at Blackjack.

Saturday was the long ride home. We returned to ...

No, these "coneheads" are neither aliens nor members of a strange new religious sect. Rather, our dogs just had some minor surgery. They're both fine. However, my wallet won't recover soon from the vet bills. Had it been me instead of them, Devvie would have taken one look at the cost and had me put to sleep.

OK, that's it for now. 

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