Volume 2, Number 2

August 2005 

News flash! The web registration system is working again! It wasn't for about a week. There were (and are) alternatives; the fun-packed telephone registration system, and those short, fast-moving lines to speak to the friendly folks in Admissions. Nevertheless, for those of you (like me) who prefer using the web, you may have been frustrated by the web registration system not working, and decided to wait. Well, wait no more!

Some of you wait until the first week of class to register. Of course, that risks the class being full. But there is another risk you may not know about.

The Administration decides before the semester starts to cut classes with low pre-enrollment. Some of you have told me during the first week of your disappointment when showing up with many other students to add a class only to find out the class had been closed.

The Administration is not psychic, so has no way of knowing before the semester how many students might show up the first week to add the class. So if you want to take a class, enroll now, like no later than this weekend, because next week the class cutting axe will fall.

OK, enough college stuff. A "conehead" update:

Their cones are now off. Micaela (the one on the right), true to her scientific name, caninus psychoticis, first got around the cone to remove her stitches. The stitches were replaced and she was fitted with a larger cone. She then used the larger cone to remove the stitches. This earned her a 10 day stay in the animal hospital, where she removed the stitches one more time before the area finally healed. We now call Micaela the "million dollar dog", though after adding up all the vet bills, that number might be low.

I also received a lot of comments about our pictures in ezine of our vacation to South Lake Tahoe, mostly about my uncanny resemblance to Brad Pitt, suggestions that I play the next James Bond, and ... OK, back to reality. While you may not get to see the pictures you want, you can increase your chances of getting the classes you want, but you have to register soon (like by the end of this weekend).

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