Volume 2, Number 3

September 2005 

One of my favorite movie lines was in Rocky III, in which Mr. T (playing a boxer called Clubber Lang), who had beaten up Rocky badly in their first heavyweight championship fight, sneered at Rocky just before their rematch: "Fool, you never should have come back." And Rocky wonders if Mr. T is right.

Sometimes all the work and glitches that accompany the start of a semester make me feel like Rocky in that scene. But I am back for another semester. (And Rocky won the rematch).

Anyway, it's Labor Day. Since on Thanksgiving I give thanks, on Labor day I labor. But writing this ezine is a labor of love. Hopefully you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Our classes are now up on ETUDES! If you have not previously used ETUDES, or have no idea what I am talking about, click the Information menu link on GenghisKhent.com and then choose the ETUDES Access link on the Information page.

All of our classes, traditional and online, use ETUDES. ETUDES is important in our traditional classes, supplementing the "real" classroom. However, ETUDES is even more important for our online classes, being the (virtual) classroom.

While your first class may not start for a day or two or three, why wait until the last minute before visiting your class' ETUDES website? Try to log in to your class' ETUDES website, and then register separately to use the ETUDES discussion forum. If you can't log in yet, either because you haven't enrolled yet (what are you waiting for?), just enrolled (it takes about 3 working days for your enrollment to get from LAVC to the District to ETUDES), or there is a glitch (we'll straighten those out in the first week), you still can log in as my guest. I made this guest access hard to keep out the riff-raff. The secret user name is guest, and the secret password also is guest. This guest access will permit you to tour the class' ETUDES site, though you can't register for the discussion forum until you have an official log in.

The classes Devvie and I teach use Visual Studio.NET, which includes C++, C# and Visual Basic. As you may know, a new version of Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2005, is coming out in November. I am finishing up two books for Osborne McGraw/Hill involving this new edition of Visual Studio, Visual Basic 2005 Demystified and Visual C# 2005 Demystified. (I wanted to write Women Demystified but the publisher did not want to be responsible for deaths and injuries to male readers who followed my advice). These two Visual Studio 2005 books should be published before the end of this year. There will be more on Visual Studio 2005 in future ezines. I can tell you now though that the changes between Visual Studio.NET and Visual Studio 2005 are incremental, not fundamental, so you should have no problem making the transition when the time comes.

I hope in the next Ezine I will be ready to tell you about some functionality I am adding to this website. Actually, I've already added it, but I need to test it thoroughly first. I don't mean to keep you in suspense ...

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