Volume 2, Number 5

March 2006 

This picture is not of a hallucination induced by one too many committee meetings at the college (those hallucinations are far more scary). Rather, it shows Devvie's maternal instincts run amok (Devvie, it's a dog ... a dog). 

To take my mind off this canine madness, I've finally decided to take the plunge ... and author a blog, Genghis' Gadgets. The focus of this blog is to discuss new developments and products in computers, mobile phones and other gadgets, as well as some hopefully useful tips. Speaking of tips, one of blog's articles is how to reach a human when calling customer service or tech support. Back to computers, another blog article is on the UMPC, the brand new ultra mobile personal computer.

I just started Genghis' Gadgets, and it is still work in process. In particular, if any of you PhotoShop experts out there want to design a good logo (something combining Genghis Khan with gadgets I guess) for me, that would be very much appreciated, since my artistic skill is about zero. Anyway, I hope you enjoy Genghis' Gadgets, and look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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