Volume 2, Number 6

April 2006 

Spring Break! We all spend it different ways. I am spending it catching up on tasks undone, restoring programs and data to my computer after a hard drive crash (see my blog Genghis' Gadgets for more details), and of course, this ezine. Maybe you are spending the break trying to find a job, particularly one that will further your career. If so, this ezine may be of interest to you.

My job-seeking students often ask me for advice. My consistent reply is that "networking" is important. When they respond that they don't want to be a network administrator, I reply that I am not talking about that type of networking. Rather, I am speaking of networking with people.

There is a saying that sometimes "it is not what you know, it is who you know." Fair or unfair, this is reality, reflecting human nature. People are more comfortable hiring persons they know, or at least someone they trust knows. Also, the more people that know you are looking for a job, the more likely you will learn of a job opening.

My students also worry that employers usually want experience, and ask "how do you get experience if all the jobs require experience?" My answer to this dilemma is internships. Internships help you get experience. Internships also help you get to know people in the field you wish to work in.

OK, now that I have sold you on the idea of an internship, where do you look for one? Well, you don't have to look far.

L.A. Valley College is a part of the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD).  You may not know that the LACCD has the LACCD e7 Student Internship Program. According to the website, internships are available throughout Los Angeles in many disciplines, including technology, computer graphics and engineering. And most of these internships are paid!

Go the website. It has a simple registration process, a list of available positions, and a FAQ. Get started! And remember to tell them that Genghis Khent sent you! (Just kidding, I don't get a commission).

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