Volume 2, Number 7

April 2006 

It is "common knowledge" that the IT industry no longer is a good source of U.S. jobs because of outsourcing to India and other foreign countries. As a result, many good students shy away from computer science.

Well, take a look at the 50 Best Jobs In America on CNNMoney.com:

#1 - Software Engineer.

#7 - Computer/IT Analyst.

I'm not surprised. Our society is increasingly dependent on technology. And outsourcing has its disadvantages. Based on studies and input from friends in IT management, I think that, as the task because less standardized and "cookie cutter", the cost advantage of outsourcing become outweighed by the disadvantages of trying to manage over a greater geographical, time and cultural distance. Further, due to security or national security reasons, many jobs cannot be outsourced. Imagine a major U.S. defense contractor outsourcing its network security to a Chinese company? Finally, numerous IT jobs simply require a physical presence.

I'm also happy personally about the 50 Best Jobs In America list. #37 is a lawyer. But even better, #2 is a college professor! Indeed, it is a good thing I have these professions to fall back on, since my traitorous Italian greyhound Micaela already has a campaign ad to oust me as chair of the college's Technology Committee.

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