Volume 2, Number 8

July 2006 

It's summertime, so Devvie and I are off teaching until the Fall semester. That doesn't mean we are not busy. Devvie is busy coordinating a number of projects for our home, as well as spoiling our dogs. Our spoiled dogs are doing a great job being spoiled. I'm working to pay for the home projects and the spoiled dogs. I just finished (I hope) my latest crisis as a network administrator, rerouting mail and accessing remote backups when power failed in the office building, not only shutting down the computers that handled mail and data, but also preventing us from even entering the building. Since this same scenario happened last October, at least I was prepared.

Devvie and I use ETUDES (Easy To Use Distance Education Software) for all of our classes, traditional and online. Our students are in for a treat. ETUDES has a new version, NG, which for you non-Star Trek watchers means Next Generation. Devvie and I just finished our training, which naturally was online. More on the new and enhanced NG features soon, but one I will mention now, chat. Chat has the potential not only for virtual office hours, but also may enable our students to hear from and "talk" to presenters who due to time and distance limitations may not be able to come to LAVC to speak.

Since Fall Semester is only about 11/2 months away, I have updated Devvie's page, as well as mine, with the classes we will be teaching, both traditionally (web-enhanced) and online.

My blog, Genghis' Gadgets, has been slow. I have not posted much. Nor have there been many comments posted by readers (perhaps because there aren't very many readers). I have posted two articles recently that may be of interest:

Technology Rant, a link to a hilarious 15 minute video presentation on being on perpetual hold for tech support, poorly designed programs, and other topical technology subjects. If you don't have the patience for the entire 15 minutes, the parody at the beginning of Simon and Garfunkel's Sounds of Silence is priceless.

TV@Work, which is about Place Shifting. Tivo and its competitors use Time Shifting, where you can shift the time you watch a show, but the place where you watch the show remains the same. By contrast, with Place Shifting, you can shift the place where you watch the show from home to work (or a hotel on a business trip), but are watching the show in real time.

Feel free to post a comment. Please. The blog feels so lonely.

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