Volume 2, Number 9

September 2006 

The Fall 2006 semester is about to start. All of our classes, both online and "traditional, will be hosted on ETUDES (Easy To Use Distance Education Software) NG (Next Generation for you non-Star Trek watchers).

ETUDES NG has many new and enhanced features you will enjoy. However, these improvements also mean new things to learn, even for those of you who were familiar with ETUDES "Classic." To ease your transition, as well as for those of you who are using ETUDES for the first time, I have updated the ETUDES Access page to address frequently asked questions and frequently experienced problems.

Yes, this is one more thing to study. But it is not much to learn, and you will save yourself a lot of time and trouble if you read the ETUDES Access page before accessing your class' website.  And don't feel alone in having to learn how to use ETUDES NG. Devvie and I had to take 2 weeks of training (online of course) during our summer vacation to be certified to use ETUDES NG. So if we have to study, you have to study!

A new semester often means buying a new, expensive book for each class. Devvie and I understand that some of you have other uses for your money, like food, gas or rent. Accordingly, we use the same book you buy for the introductory class (CSIT 802) for the following classes (CSIT 839 and 840).

As often is the case, the publisher of the textbook has replaced the edition we have been using with a new edition. However, this does not mean you have to buy a new edition to replace the prior one. We have confirmed that the new edition simply is a repackaging of the prior edition. So if you have the prior edition of the book for a prior class, you can continue to use it for the next class, and don't need to buy the new edition of the book. Of course, if you don't yet have the book, such as because you are taking the introductory class, then you buy the new edition. The book and its editions will be covered further in the syllabus posted in your class' website on ETUDES NG.

Since our classes concern computer programming, they use programming software as well as books. While our computer labs have the programming software we use in our classes, many of you also work on your programming projects at home. Fortunately, the software we use is free. Further, it is packaged with many of the books we use. More on this also in the syllabus posted in your class' website on ETUDES NG.

As you can see, there will be a lot of useful information on ETUDES NG. So get started using it! 

That's it for now. See you soon!

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