I am teaching the following classes during the Spring 2016 semester. Please see the ETUDES Access page to access the class website. E107 = Engineering 107.



Course Name Day Time Place
802 3110

Introduction to

Computer Science


6:45-9:55 p.m. E107
832 7038 Advanced Data Structures Online N/A N/A
836 7026

Introduction to

Data Structures

Online N/A N/A
839 3115

Intermediate Programming

Using C/C++

Th 5:45-9:55 p.m. E107

My office hours will be posted by the second week of the semester. I likely will hold my office hours either in Engineering 107 or at my office at Campus Center 225 (to be announced). I would appreciate if you would email me a reasonable time before you come (such as the day before) so I know to expect you. Also there may be some times when I won't be available due to college duties (I serve on the Academic Senate) or personal reasons (ill, injured, can't face the college that day).

I also try to accommodate all of my students during lab time for any class I teach, so that, for example, a CSIT 836 student can come to my CSIT 839 lab. Of course, I have to give priority to the students in the current class. Here too, if you are coming to the lab time for a different class, I would appreciate if you would email me in advance, since sometimes there is no lab time because, for example, a test is being given.

There is information (under the Information tab naturally) on how to access ETUDES, post assignments, etc. Questions? Email me.